Imagining a world without genetic disease.

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What do you see? More health? Fewer doctor appointments? More bike riding? More peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? More life?
I see a future filled with joy More bird watching! I see a future filled with opportunity I see a future filled with possibilities love I see a future filled with vegetables I see a future filled with coffee I see a future filled with happy families I see a future filled with cheese I see a future filled with hugs I see a future filled with dogs I see a future filled with ingenuity I see a future filled with freedom and independence I see a future filled with limitlessness I see a future filled with laughter hope Cheese Owls Sustainability Peaches Health joy, less pain and suffering kindness abundance health inclusivity love fun happiness Informatics hiking More ease love benefit hope morelife cookies Jam bands Every human having the chance to live well through quality medicine confidence More dancing Quality of life for those who have been set aside because they have a rare disease More freedom fishing laughter Fun self-love life More fish tacos happiness palpable excitement in providing our best career free of egg/peanut allergic reaction acceptance More bike riding Without Fear and Higher Possibilities hope Freedom to live life Tacos greatness Lots of free time More time with loved ones More time apples career No more surgeries more comfort smiles more blue skies Big families at Thanksgiving Dinners Relief! opportunities abound More Life with much more responsibilities but peace in it I see a future filled with more freedom MORE PERSONAL TIME Pizza more bike riding Quality More peanut butter love cake ramen trust in science and medicine Not feeling guilty I am less sick than my brother Saying yes to more things Sharing a sandwich Living to 100 being normal A happier world Thinking clearly Normalcy Calmness Future Hope No doctor appointments for a month Forward thinking Relief Spontaneous adventures Parents with fewer worries More laughing Traveling the world Goodbye to brain fog No more pain Kids being kids No meal schedule Breathing deeply Long lives True freedom Health Contentment Children living full lives Sleeping through the night Running free of worry Brushing my own hair Summer camp Donuts Learning to fly Not knowing the hospital’s menu by heart No transplant waiting lists Training horses Fewer surgeries A giant burger Feeling the sand between my toes More access to treatment Seeing my sister Smelling the coffee Eating anything