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Reconnecting at Generation Bio

Over these recent months of doing our jobs in a primarily work-from-home environment, the Generation Bio team has remained committed to connectivity, which we’ve often had to innovate or reinvent in whole new ways. Throughout it all, though, we’ve continued to unite in shared goals, challenges and a vision to transform genetic medicine.

Earlier this summer, members of the team

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Opening up on shutting down

Each year, for the first week of July, Generation Bio shuts down and the team is able to take well-deserved time off. We are strong believers in recharging and reconnecting with ourselves outside of work, and we take this vacation time very seriously. While some of our team spends the week traveling overseas or visiting

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In order to be all-in, sometimes you gotta be all-out. Thoughts on our twice-a-year complete and total shut down.

When you read about our culture on our website, you’ll find these words: “There is a current that runs through all of us.  It’s fed by our excitement for each other’s ideas and our cheering for other’s successes.”

This is true. And it’s wonderful.

But we’d be missing a critical truth if we

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What does connectivity mean to you?

To us, it comes down to the ways in which we unite in our shared goals and vision of a better future.

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Generation Bio is 100 Strong

Our team is what makes us who we are. And who we are is born from the constantly evolving nature of the team.

We recently reached (and have now surpassed!) the 100-employee mark – a sign of both the success and the potential of Generation Bio.

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How well do your core values guide your organization? 2020 was the year we found out. (Part Two)

This is our story, offered as a reflection from the hearts and minds of many across our organization. We are writing this post the same way we got through 2020. Together.

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How well do your core values guide your organization? 2020 was the year we found out. (Part One)

This year saw a lot. A worldwide pandemic. Civil unrest fueled by systemic racism. A global economy being challenged on many fronts. Throughout it all we asked ourselves, how does a company remain balanced in a world that is, right now, anything but? Is it possible to continue to be connected and on mission with

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What makes Generation Bio unique? Hear from our team.

At Generation Bio, we believe that culture is shaped by everyone in our community — each employee using their unique skills, experiences and personality to help us achieve our collective mission.

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Moving forward: How our new space powers our mission to bring next generation gene therapies to patients

Although we do affectionately refer to it as “301,” our new headquarters is more than an address. It’s an integral part of who we are, what we value, and what we aim to achieve.

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Take a seat at the table.

We are always looking for those who are ready to share their vision, talent, and tenacity—who believe in our mission and themselves.

Imagine a world without genetic disease.

What do you see? More health? Fewer doctor appointments? More bike riding? More peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? More life?
See our shared vision.